When I make personal paintings for anyone, all paintings are original paintings: they are 1/1, no reproductions or prints of them will be available. You have the original piece, and it is made personally to you and only you . Just like the painting you are a unique human being with experiences, stories, wishes and dreams; so when we get together for a coffee (or tea?) and discuss your painting, you can be as personal and as honest as you like about your wishes for the painting, what you like, what you don’t like and where you want it to be hanged.

All paintings are painted on hand stretched canvas by me, and can be made in any sizes you desire, to customize the painting(s) for your apartment or office. All paintings from 2017 and on include a Certificate of Authentication signed by the artist, paintings from before 2017 are documented by photographs of the back of the paintings which are just as original as the front of the painting, this to prevent plagiarism and fraud. This archive is kept physical by the artist, and at a few other trusted individuals to secure the documentation for the future value and interests in the paintings.

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Ingrid Sørensen oppholder seg på kanten mellom abstrakt og figurativt maleri.. Hun bruker transparente lag på lag med maling. Mange underlag med sterke farger gjør at malerier som er malt i svart-hvitt også får mange ulike farger, avhenger av hvilken vinkel man ser dem fra, og lyset i rommet de henger i.
Maleriene uttrykker den energiske og empatiske opplevelsen av det håndlagde objektet, det originale verket, og det anti-maskinelle, vet at hun ikke lager trykk eller reprodyksjoner.

 - "I am looking to create moments in a painting where the viewer can feel an innder world, without nescessarily understanding it, but ressonnating with it, by themselves having influenced the piece in the process, because themselves were the motive of the piece; the painting is about a complex and unique person." - Ingrid Sørensen 

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Currently working on a painting measuring 90x110 cm, original painting for a woman who lost her housband to cancer a few years ago. The painting is a personal commission for her apartment, and is dedicated to her housband’s memory.

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